Saturday, September 29, 2007


Pretty Alexander Girard.

I still really love the calvet bench by Gaudi...if only Barcelona were closer to Chicago...

Colleen and I really want to get a dog, even though our building doesn't allow them (only cats). Maybe when Drew comes up here we will get a pug of our very own !!!!

I love this Lela Rose dress, it's so summery and playful. Maybe this is just me missing summer...seriously, I need to move to California or somewhere. I miss North Carolina weather already!

I really wish I didn't love everything that Milly came out with. Maybe next summer or after grad school I will be luckier in finding employment there. Everything is just so fresh and girly...pretty much my ideal.

Elizabeth Dunker

Really like these prints from Elizabeth Dunker. Swirls and polka dots, what's not to love?

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Phipps Conservatory

Located in Pittsburgh, PA, Phipps has to be one of the more beautiful gardens in the US. I really really want to visit there, so perhaps some time will make itself available for me to do so. Some of the rooms and gardens look absolutely stunning on their website. I could see myself getting married somewhere like this.

I Love Dresses

I actually kind of really like this coat, even though it's not my typical style:
Yves Saint Laurent from Neiman Marcus

I also love this Lela Rose dress, from Neiman Marcus:

The thing I like about this dress is the texture; it's like a life-size mosaic!
Emilio Pucci from Neiman Marcus

It's sort of a lifelong dream to own something by Missoni, or make something like it. All of their clothes seems uber unic, and really comfy as well. Here's a new one from Neiman Marcus:

Here are a couple more that I also like:

This suit reminds me of the "Audrey Hepburn" dress that Angela designed on Project Runway. I like the bit of puff at the sleeves and bottom hem. Dolce & Gabbana, from Neiman Marcus.

I like the idea, if not the execution, of this jacket by 6 Degrees, at Macy's:

And this dress is heavenly. I saw it on someone at the mall the other day, and it was just perfect. Quite wearable in the summertime during the day, but you'd definitely be able to dress it up at night. MARC by Marc Jacobs, at Nordstrom:

That's all for today! Which is your favorite?

Shirts and Dresses

Really cute Liz Claiborne tunic:

And this lovely Catherine Malandrino dress is just to die for. I love the print!!

This is quite a simple dress, but it looks so fresh and clean, by Tory Burch at Neiman Marcus:

This tunic sweater looks so comfy!!! I'm seriously thinking about buying this one for myself:
Kersh Kimono Sleeve Sweater, at Nordstrom


I really like the body of this DVF dress; I'm thinking of making something similar myself. And I love that it has pockets!!

[via Nordstrom]

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Beginning of Unloading my Inbox

Here's a fun one from Single Dress. It just looks so fresh and airy. I could totally see myself wearing this along the beach or something. I like the border print at an angle at the bottom hem.

A jumper from Gibson. I like the body, not so much the print.

I really like this top. It's simple and casual, but very figure flattering, from Parfait.

This sweater dress from Laundry by Shelli Segal is just great. I can see wearing this a million ways. I'm going to think hard about this one. How does one replicate this style, anyway?

Perhaps St. John will have a comeback...they were looking so stuffy for a while there...still very corporate-looking.

[via Nordstrom]

Karl Lagerfield

Here's one from the New Yorker about Chanel's Karl Lagerfield. Wow, he really breathes fashion. The article is quite long, but a really good personal sketch. I half admire him, half don't believe he really acts like that on a daily basis. I'd half love to work for him just because I would learn so much, and half would rather throw myself off a bridge--I can't imagine the pressure! There's no way I could pick things apart like he does all day. Quite an impressive man and career. You can check it out for yourself here.