Sunday, April 27, 2008

Other Dresses

Love these two dresses. I've decided I do like square necklines after all, as long as there's a fun print and sleeves to make it less boxy looking. And pretty much I'm obsessed with anything resembling a border print, and belted anythings! Also, I love yellow, and 60s-inspired clothing, so dress #2 and I are destined to be together. Both from Nordstrom.

Also, this is the direction I'd love to see Nike go in. They have such a loyal customer base for their athletic gear, it'd be nice to give "athletic girls" some clothing options for off the field, or court, or whatever. I think all girls really do like to feel pretty, but some have higher comfort requirements than others. But we should not despair! Cute jersey tank dresses with attention to detail such that they don't look like tennis uniforms are entirely within the realm of possibility! Bravo Lacoste!

And then, there's this fun one. Casual, flirty, feminine--I am in love.

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