Saturday, September 27, 2008

American Road Trip

I want to go on a road trip really bad. Like, really bad. I imagine reading John Steinbeck's Travels with Charley in Search of America each morning and belting out fantastic 80s songs amongst the mountains in the afternoon. I want to sample fine German cuisine in Milwaukee, hike through the Grand Canyon, and explore the wineries of the Napa Valley. I want to visit all the restaurants I saw on the Food Channel's' Best Restaurants in America, and judge for myself whether Taco Taco Cafe really does have the best Mexican food, and whether the best pizza is really to be found in Phoenix, Arizona. I want to go to that crazy "largest ball of yarn" a la Brian Kell somewhere in the middle of nowhere, and meet endearing strangers on the train. I'm going to plan something fabulous for winter break, and another something fabulous for the summer, since Warwick is right--I'll never have 3 months of free time any other time in my life, unless I really do go back for my PhD, or I retire. But yeah...needless to say, I've been getting megaroadtripenvy from my new favorite blog, Wanderful. I'm in love with their RV, and the fact that they love Wawa as much as I do.

Seriously, how cute is this trailer????

Well, time to get to class, which I just realized about 20 minutes ago. Happy weekend!


Katie said...

Whoa thanks for linking to us! You can do it, the road trip that is. I had about $9,000 saved over the past two years and I think it's going to get us through the whole trip and hopefully a little more. Although we've got a donation button on our site, we've only made $32 from that, and from friends no less, HAH! So let me know if you're thinking of going out on the road and blogging about it, I'd love to read someone else's adventures.

Jess said...

Thanks Katie! How long do you expect your trip to be? The idea is quite fascinating. My brother and I went to Europe for about a month last summer and emailed our family daily updates, and it's fun to go back and read them now! I'm hoping I can pull together a fun trip for the winter--it's so nice to travel! Anyway thanks for the inspiration and best of luck! :)