Monday, September 08, 2008

Fashion Week

A bit late onto the scene here, but I've just discovered, which of course I'd heard of before, but I dunno, I thought it was similar to, which I find pretty useless. But yeah, I was so pleased to see that they do recaps of all the shows at Fashion Week, complete with pictures of all of the collections! Hooray! This makes my stalking much more easily accomplished :) Here were some shows I liked:

Diane von Furstenberg
Beautiful prints as always, still undecided about those flowering ribbons, beads and feathers...

Interesting prints from a designer I've never heard of, and refreshingly feminine silhouettes...I'm pretty much in love with that dress.

Lela Rose
Probably my favorite--I loved the color palette of yellows, blues, and grays, with splashes of orange and red. I like #2 the best.

I can also say that I honestly hated The Gap. Besides a pair of pink tight cropped pants, I thought the whole thing looked lazy. And don't even get me started on those platform sandals--I was happy to leave my platform-wearing soles back in 7th grade, right where they belong. Ay ay ay.

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