Thursday, September 18, 2008

Wow, It's the End of September Already

Before I'm willing to admit that summer is over, somehow we're already knee deep into fall. The other day was a chilly day in Chicago, and I had to wear a long sleeved shirt during my run. Actually I got rather hot halfway through, but I'm still glad I wore it. (As an aside, I was talking to someone at Whirlpool who ran the marathon last year, and he said that at the beginning of the race, everyone throws their shirts and sweatshirts into the air at the same time--a la graduation caps--before lining up. People come around after the race starts to gather up all the clothes and donate them to the charity, which I thought was nice.) I'm getting nervous about the marathon as we get closer and closer...less than a month away now! This weekend is 20 mile day, which is rather scary. The longest I have ever run before is 14 miles, so that's kind of a big jump. We'll see how it goes though; my plan is to take it slow and drink lots of water. People should be out in full force on the trail, so hopefully they'll have snacks :) Also need to finish my presentation for Nancy, since I have to give it next Tuesday. I really wish I hadn't done this, since leaving last Friday didn't really feel like the end, and all this week when I should have been relaxing I've been nervous. So that's kind of annoying. Hopefully I'll feel some relief on Tuesday, though I'm going straight from that to an info session and presentation by Bain at the GSB, so hopefully that'll go well. Ay ay ay, it's all starting to set in! I can't wait for classes to start :) I also have my meeting at Google today, so hopefully that'll go well!!! I didn't realize how awesome their location was, but it's very central, very near the corn on the cobb apartments!!! I kind of really want to live in their little pie-shaped apartments :) Lately I've felt more and more like I want to stay in Chicago. I'm sure this will change by next week, but Chicago is a really nice city and there are places to live that still feel like home so you don't have to have that hustlebustle feeling all the time. I love Hyde Park and being so close to the city and yet walking by all my neighbors houses with gardens and back porches. If I ended up getting a job here, I'd definitely want to buy a little rowhouse and rent out some of the floors. And plant all my garden babies in the back outside. And paint all my walls and fill the rooms with the scent of midnight summer candles and Instyle magazines. sigh. That said, I do kind of miss the south a lot, with all the warm beautiful weather and smalltown feel. And also I think it'd be fun to explore somewhere new. We'll see. I guess in three months' time I'll know (!!!).

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