Monday, September 08, 2008

Monday, Monday

Well, back in Michigan after a fun and very tiring weekend at home. I got back on Friday, then decided to head to IKEA since they don't close until 9. It was nice to laze through the store (I like shopping by's very relaxing for me) and pick up a few things. Also picked up some Aurelio's for dinner which was DELICIOUS! Yumm!! Got back kinda late and watched a little tv with Colleen before passing out in my bed (hooray! my own bed!). Got up really early the next day because Colleen's family got up before dawn to start moving her stuff out of the apartment. So I went for a run, helped move a few things out to the car, and set about painting the living room--which took ALL day. No really, all day. I kinda forgot that when you're painting by yourself things go very slowly because you have to move all the furniture into the middle of the room, wash the walls, get everything prepped before you even start painting, and then you're constantly up and down off the stool painting the trim at the floor and the ceiling and then rolling on everything in between. TWICE. I think I spent about 8 hours painting in total, after which I completely passed out on the chair to watch a few episodes of Jon and Kate Plus 8, before getting a shower for the day, and reading before sleep. Got up early the next morning to do some touchups on the paint, then rearranged everything and scoured the place clean. Man, I don't know if it's because I haven't been living there for a while that it's just more obvious to me now or what, but the apartment was absolutely disgusting. I probably went through half a can of Scrubbing Bubbles washing all the appliances, the floor, the walls, the counters--ewww! But, I am so so happy with the results. Yay for a productive weekend and making the home feel a lot more open and less cluttered. It's so much more peaceful and happy when things are clean! I actually cannot wait until Saturday when I can tackle my room and the bathroom, and also to finally paint my vintage woman. I have some leftover paint from the walls, so I'm thinking of lightening it a bit and using that. I think it'll look nice! Anyway, got back to the lakehouse last night, and am currently feeling very relaxed and warm bundled up in bed as it's kinda cold and rainy outside. I really would like some socks though. Hmm.

-After last night's VMAs (I saw a little bit of them during dinner), I am officially rooting for a Britney comeback. I'm glad that she seems to be back in control of her life, and after all her wins, I think I may need to check out her album after all!
-I love productive days at work. The last minute is always my best minute, so I'm sure this week is going to be crazy as I wrap things up at Whirlpool. I am excited and nervous for my presentation, but hopefully it'll go well.

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