Wednesday, March 12, 2008

My New Favorite Dress

Just wanted to share this great spring dress from Nanette Lepore, available at Neiman Marcus. I love the print AND the rosettes (who would've thought??). In other news, I really need to get down to work today. I've been crazy busy over the last few weeks applying to jobs (including Nanette Lepore, too bad they already have their interns), and I actually really enjoyed that process. The thing is, I LIKE applying to jobs because it's always accompanied by daydreams of what it'd be like working at that company, in that city, and I really do like dreaming about the future. Now that that's over (I officially stopped applying for jobs last week), I don't have any less work to do, since we're coming up on finals, but I have less desire to do it. The only thing I can really sink myself into is our innovation project, which has been really fun. But we've got most of the ideas assembled already--so what's left to do is the not-so-fun part of wrapping everything together. Still, must plow on before I can celebrate and relax in nc! Until later, my friends :)

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