Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Running Log 1

Following the Running Idiot's example, I'm going to log how much I ran and how I felt during it (until I get my nike+ that is, I think i found someone on ebay who's going to sell me their ipod for $40!!) so I can reference it later and see how far I've come. I'll just start with this week and it'll be like a fresh start. Yay!

Tuesday: easy run
2 miles @ 9:22
Felt pretty good, first day back in it so my mind easily wandered. Listened to Phillips, Craig & Dean, who I really enjoy listening to during exercise. They're a good mix of upbeat and slow, powerful songs that can be a part of your daily worship-yay, bonus! My heart hurt only a little bit (good), and overall did fine. Kept daydreaming about finishing the marathon (hahaha, just a mere 7 months away). Did a half hour or so of yoga/stretching afterwards.

Wednesday: cross-training day
1 mile @ 9:22
Shouldn't have run anything, especially right after I ate, but I felt so good from yesterday that I wanted to continue and just do a little bit. Eh, probably a bad idea because I felt a little ill in my stomach afterwards. Also have a blister on my right foot, I really need to stop wearing cotton socks. Did 45 minutes or so of yoga afterwards, especially working on pike stretches as my left leg is a ways behind my right leg! Need to even those up!

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