Monday, March 10, 2008


Well my latest obsession is nike+ which works with an iPod Nano to track the miles you run, your speed, calories burned, etc. during your workout AND online to reference later. They make up cool graphs so you can see how you improve, and they also keep track of which songs you run fastest to--uhh, pretty sweet!! And there's also a pretty vibrant community of people online that already use it (for example, I found out about nike+ through the running idiot's blog).

Anyway, a pretty neat concept! The only bad thing is that it doesn't work with all iPods, just the Nano, which kinda sucks since I just bought the touch a few months ago. Still, you can buy a Nano (esp an old one) on ebay for pretty cheap, so I may just do that if I find a good enough deal. Man, this whole "manage how you run" thing reminds me of what i already do with my finances (using mint--if you don't already use it, you should really check it out). Though...I think the nike+ is just a *tad* more glamorous, or maybe I'm just romanticizing running along the lake while I train for the Chicago marathon during the summer. ;) Still, training anywhere outside beats the track or a treadmill any day! Thinking I may register for a half marathon for the beginning of June sometime, before I try the real thing in October. This is really turning into a big ordeal--my brother and some of his friends, and a couple of my friends from the GSB all want to do it this year, so hopefully it'll be a pretty positive experience. And as Todd said last night, it's a pretty hax answer to the question, "Tell me about an experience in which you persevered," that they always ask during interviews.

Well, that's all for now!

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