Sunday, July 06, 2008

greensboro, nc

Sitting at the Greensboro airport waiting for my plane to board. What a whirlwind weekend. Loved seeing Mel and Katie, and Meg for a bit today. I'm thankful for the time we had: dance party, chat time, eating at Mi Pueblo, going to church at Redeemer, but it's always bittersweet to go home. It feels like I just got here. And today especially went by quite quickly. I discovered the amazing flavor of carmel coffee milkshake at Cookout last night, and have had two since then. It is delicious :) I'm also in love with my GPS, which led us to Cookout from Meg's new house before Mel and I headed off to Greensboro. Being in Shelby was really fun. Very carefree and relaxed. This afternoon Mel and I visited Meg in her new townhouse, which is really cute. I'm trying to campaign a trip after I graduate next summer, so hopefully that'll work out. I'm ready for a new adventure. Work is okay. I'm hoping it'll get better. Haven't fallen in love with what I'm doing yet, and to be honest it's a bit lonely. I actually really miss QVC. Anyway, I think it's about time to off to Chicago, and then a train ride to Indiana, and a drive to Michigan. Yuck going to work tomorrow, but at least I don't have to run in the morning! :)


Melanie said...


I had a wonderful, incredible, altogether fabulous time with you this weekend. Of course, you know my comments to what you wrote about, since TALKED IN PERSON (I am really excited about this fact, obviously).

I am definitely up for an adventure next year.... so long as it is CHEAP!

love you lots and lots,


p.s. i love your body.
p.p.s. I really wanted to bust out that my dirt cake was like an angel tonight at dinner, but no one would have laughed. well, maybe they would have... at me.

Jess said...

i've had "this corn is an angel" stuck in my head all day today hahaha. anyway, yes, i think you're right about what we talked about, and i am also thrilled that we were able to talk in person!!! today as i was driving home i daydreamt that we were coming home from shiloh and i made some goat cheese and asparagus pasta in time for lost. oh memories... :) but yeah, i did a bit of poking around on pilgrimages, and the ones i came across looked rather expensive. we'll have to come up with a more suitable option... anyway, much love!