Thursday, July 10, 2008

rooms with a view

how about this living room for my apartment next year? i'm really in the mood for an older space with character, that i can make all modern and beautiful with furniture and paint, etc. i just love the amount of light!

also a pretty bathroom. i really like the old tub with the wraparound curtain (though i'm pretty sure i would hate that if i had one like that for myself...where are the shelves to put your soap?) against the newness of the sink...console. actually a cool piece of furniture!!

and finally, i like this idea for a mantle, a mismatch of photos and art in all different size frames and arranged in random...


josephinechoo said...


The living room was very nice and looked comfortable,i wish i have that kind of living room too..hope you will have it soon..

Sorry for my english grammar..i still improving for that.

P.S Before i forget,i have add you in my link list,hope you don't mind.

Jess said...

Not at all! Glad you like my blog! :)