Monday, July 07, 2008


am feeling much better this evening after:
-yummy enchiladas dinner with grandma and poppa, michael, aunt ellen and uncle ron, laura, and matthew

-catching up on all my blogs. i just love getting inspiration from everyone

-lying down in bed (it's official, my legs are SORE and i think my feet are SWELLING. gross!)

-my summer/work wardrobe

-daydreaming about fun vacations (ha! such is the danger from going on vacations in the first place; you can never get enough, especially when they're accompanied by good friends)

since i've been scouring the online for the past few hours catching up on everything i've missed over the past several days, i've accumulated lots of fun things, so all those will be posted very shortly :) for now, just a shot of me and my friends. oh, i am so blessed :)

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