Sunday, July 13, 2008

A relaxing weekend

Just a quick note to say that the weekend was very fun indeed. Stayed in on Friday and watched last week's So You Think You Can Dance, ate some Boston Market, and chatted with Colleen. Also read a little of The Idiot, which is great but sooo long! Man, is all Russian literature so long? It seems so! Actually Crime and Punishment wasn't all that long, though rather dense. Got up kinda early on Saturday, ran 10 miles (uhhh...perhaps the longest I have ever run in my life, actually, I think so! And I ran it at less than 9 mins a mile! Yay! I came in at about 88 minutes. Yay progress!!! I actually felt pretty good, but my calves were tired. My heart and arms and stomach were okay, it was my calves, in particular my right. I didn't stretch as much as I normally do last week, so I'm going to amp that up again this week and see if things don't improve there). Had some delicious cereal (it's been a while, usually just on the weekends, since I have muffins at work) and caught up on all my blogs. I really value time spent in bed with my computer, browsing beautiful sites that give me such inspiration for my home and job and life. I had to do a few errands, picked up some lunch, and then settled down to read the latest InStyle while Colleen watched the baseball game on TV. Another one of my favorite scenes: reading while those I love watch sports--and I guess sometimes I'll watch too. But mostly I like the being together and feeling familial. At night Colleen, Amity and I went to Cesar's for mexican food and margaritas (yum!) and then to hear Sixteen Candles (an 80s cover band) play---ummm it was awesome!!! Basically like a large, live dance party! I could have spent the whole night there dancing about but sadly they only played for two hours or so. Colleen says they play in Chicago often though so I'll definitely have to see them again!!! :) Then we went to Amity's apt to change (well Colleen and Amity changed, I stayed in my jeans and t-shirt hahaha) and picked up Matt (Amity's roommate) and went out to a bar lounge type thing called Krem. I guess it was fun but it really is not my scene. Too loud to talk but not loud/large enough to dance, so it's just kinda awkward, mostly people there to pick up hotties for the night, so yeah, I went home while the rest of the kids went out and partied the night away. This morning I woke up late!!! It was so nice to sleep in a little bit, and then lazily roam around to find cereal, Bring It On on TV, and pack to go home. Mom and Dad got back from Europe this morning, and it sounds like they had a great time. They're coming out to the lake next weekend to pick up Michael and Radar to go home. I can't wait to see their pictures!!! Tonight I looked at all my Facebook pictures and was feeling all nostalgic for friends and family and places and experiences. Forgot I had the old pic of Todd and I up, and was struck by how cool it'll be to watch my kids grow up and turn into real people, to see the same smile they had at age 5 reappear at age 25 and 45...parenting must be a pretty cool job. I am excited for it someday. Anyway, that was a bit off topic, but suffice it to say, I'm back at the lake, after a fun meal at Redamak's with the Crockers, and looking forward to a good week at work--hopefully it will be! But it's nearing 10 o'clock now, and that's my bedtime these days, so until then, adieu!

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