Tuesday, July 08, 2008


Just time for one new post tonight, since I have to wake up crazy early tomorrow to hear Jeff Fettig, Whirlpool's Chairman and CEO, speak over breakfast. YAY, but man 7:30 is early! Plus I have a longer run tomorrow that I'll have to do after work, so I need to make sure I'm rested. Today ended up being a nice day, I had a nice run after work, and an even better dinner out with everyone at Roadhouse...am feeling quite stuffed, and ready to sleep! But first here are several mugs I found on Etsy that I really liked. I'm strongly considering adopting my grandparents' habit of buying dishes in pairs of two, instead of 8 or 10, and then having a fun collection for meals and such. Plus it works well with my ever changing moods and tastes! Anyway here they are--scroll over the pictures to see whose store it is.

Hmmmm didn't realize I had so many, and also an important note is that I'm becoming a big fan of black tea, hence the fascination with mugs. Hope you enjoyed! :)

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