Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I had never heard of this brand before (apparently it's sold at Nordstrom) but man I love these looks! Feminine, kinda vintagey, and very classy (lately I'm all about this look--must be the corporate workplace influence!). And actually, I would love to wear dresses every day of the week, so I try to make smart investments in that area of my wardrobe haha :) But seriously, aren't these dresses gorgeous? I really love all of them, and I would definitely consider the last one as a wedding dress (which is actually a silk satin cami and skirt!)!! Pair that with some amazing shoes and tumbly curly hair and flowers, oh yes that's my kind of look. Yay work life, I can't wait until the majority of my wardrobe has to be up to your snuff.

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