Friday, August 15, 2008

A Bit Random

A few random things that have been sitting on my laptop. First this beautiful vintage print...I really just need to have this, or make my own (I never did a painting after finals because I had to fly to Philly to drive Michael back to Michigan for my parents' this could be a fun one to copy. Hmmm, maybe I'll try that.). I just think it's so beautiful and peaceful. I really just need to replicate it, that's all there is to it. Second I really like this vest from Marc Jacobs...but OH have you seen the ads for Kohls lately? I saw one in one of my grandma's home and garden magazines, and it looked pretty stylish!!! It has been YEARS since I went into a Kohls (mostly because I kinda grew out of their juniors, but didn't quite fit in the women's stuff/I thought it was ugly) but I may have to check it out. Hmmm... Third is this cute stationary that I could see Melanie using. I need to renew my commitment to write more letters and notes by hand. I really do have a lifetime supply of stationary that my grandparents gave me, and I need to get a move on using it--lest it's still sitting around by the time I get married and I'm no longer a Sprinkel (that'll be a really sad day, actually--I like my name a lot). And finally this kinda seashell-like vase. Way out of my price range (hello IKEA), but very cute nonetheless.

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