Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Forthcoming Changes

Well I'm about to open up my blog again because I think I'm going to include a link to it in my letters to potential employers (still thinking about this, really). Hopefully they will see it as a chance to get to know me better, as well as differentiate me from other applicants! I'm honestly looking for a great fit between me and my future company, so I can't think of why it wouldn't be a good idea to share what I'm doing and thinking about. I've been thinking about privacy lately, and whether or not it's a good thing. I guess I do have some things that I keep to myself, but wouldn't it be interesting if everyone knew about all of our thoughts, everything we do in secret? I wonder if having people see the real us would convict us of who we really are, and inspire us to change into better people. This kind of behavior is quickly becoming the norm in the business world...consumers are demanding transparency even when the current reality isn't perfect. In the "green" space especially, the companies that seem to be doing the best in their messaging are the ones that are honest about where they are by acknowledging that they haven't yet achieved their audacious goals. Actually, that'd make a fun experiment: to purposefully be more transparent in my daily life, and observe the effects of being more or less convicted to change. I like change, so hopefully it'll be a fun exercise :)

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