Friday, August 22, 2008

Gap, Banana

Not really sure what Gap is up to this season...looks like they're trying to be Indie European, with weird matchups between very girly, flowy tops and dresses, with puffy woodsman jackets--NOT a fan. I'm all for mixing up the structured and unstructured, and different materials and whatnot, but come on, it's just not flattering. I did kind of like this:

But literally...that's it. I was a bit more successful at Banana Republic. Really I am a huge sucker for sweater dresses (I saw this vintage St. John sweater dress on Etsy and about still considering it), so we get right along. I'm not sure I really see the quality difference between regular Banana and BR Monogram--seems like the regular stuff only higher priced. I think I'll probably stay downstairs, especially with Alex's 30% discount!

Look at those sleeves!

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