Friday, August 22, 2008


I was reading Elements of Style the other day and was blown away by some of the Old Navy pieces she was featuring. I thought I'd go over there and browse a little bit, and man, they have really mixed things up. I am so pleased that they've decided to compete with stores like H&M and Target, instead of wallowing in the performance fleece-only rut. I'm definitely going to have to go over there sometime soon, especially if I can fit into their pants! It's official, that I am too small/too tall to fit into Gap pants anymore. I know, I know, cry about it, I'm small, but you know it is kind of a problem that I only have one store (Banana Republic) that actually carries pants my size for less than $100 apiece. Still, I'm a student, and I need a cheaper option for every day!

Help, I can't decide which color to get of this dress--it is $10!

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