Saturday, August 30, 2008

So Much Sitting on My Desktop

I apologize for the delay in updating this week... Unlike every other blogger, I seem to take the weeks off and pile all of my posts into the weekend haha!! I thought about updating a lot yesterday, since Whirlpool was off work and I was lazing around the house reading, but alas, I got much too caught up in Pride and Prejudice :) Anyway, back to the post at hand--LOTS of interiors I've come across recently. This first one I just love: (1) the gray, black, and yellow color scheme, (2) the louis XIV armchair, (3) those cute stainless steel vases I'm seeing everywhere these days...

Haha, this style was called "mod victorian" on the site...what do you think? I like the desk a lot, and the screen...prob would never have those walls though. But I kind of like the idea of defining a room with a big circular rug like that. :)

A pretty, pretty bedroom. I could definitely live here. I love all the white (lately I've become obsessed with white beds!! And you really don't need to worry that much about them getting dirty because you can always bleach them!!). But it just looks so light and crisp. I really like that color blue, and the painted stripes along the wall and ceiling are really fun... And I'm pretty much in love with shag carpets, and (velvet?) chaises. I even like that red chandelier!!! And of course who could say no to a bedroom with double doors leading out into the garden--yes please :)

I liked this looked very cozy. I especially like that striped body pillow, the brown chair, and those yellow accents in the back! I'd like to see an end table that was white and yellow instead of black...and I like the vase!

I pretty much only saved this for the mosaic table...which I actually COULD see having in my own home. But those bookshelves aren't bad either. I really need a new shelf!! My books are taking over the apartment!!!!

Cute living room. I like all the light and the curtains (prob should get some curtains for our living area...will look into that when we go to IKEA), and the white, orange, and green color scheme is really nice and relaxing.

And finally...this home is in the shape of a half circle, which I find kind of amazing. The architecture of this house is really amazing, and I love those wood and white divider wall things, and the detail on the ceiling. And that fireplace!

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