Friday, August 15, 2008


Some fun things in metal today...first this vintage metal fruit basket--I am definitely going to get one of these on etsy to hold all my mail on our front hall table. So cute and non-mass-looking, and you can find them for like $7!! Also this table--I'm just generally loving metal and glass together, and dark and light woods, and wood and metal, and wood and glass...uhhh, maybe I just like mixed materials :) And third I thought this Seiko watch was a pretty cool blend of traditional analog and digital. If they made it a lot smaller and in a cute light pink or white, I'd be all over it. And finally, this cute vintage white alarm clock, found via Apartment Therapy Chicago. Oh, I think I need to live in the 60s!


Cillian Delany said...

those watches are very cool, They are similar to some designs by dolce e gabanna

Jess said...

Hi Cillian! I haven't seen the ones by Dolce--I'll have to check them out! Thanks for stopping by :)