Wednesday, June 04, 2008

home home home

cute diy project on design* some point i'd like to paint some furniture and make it into something really unique. but i dunno, it might go against my otherwise sleek and clean tastes. we'll see. also, check out the dresser in this bedroom--the beloved shape continues, and adds a new potential use! we're now up to dresser, hutch, TV stand/cabinet, entryway table.

also, i loooooove the use of color in this design studio. lately i'm all about the lofts, and i think it'd be really fun to live in one. it's really a novel idea to make rooms smaller but open up the ceilings so they feel a lot larger!--kind of goes against the cardinal real estate rule of never reducing the number of rooms and expecting to go up in price!! speaking of lofts, which remind me of new york, it's official that i am a wanderlust. so strange that i found myself feeling like i was still transitioning into chicago such a short time ago that i'm already looking forward to transitioning out of it. i'm just so excited to see where i end up, embarking on a career that i love and filling the world with beautiful things that make people happy. things aren't everything, but i think cultivating a style is important in expressing yourself and growing up on the inside and out. hooray! oh, and did i mention that i might be interning with JILLIAN LEWIS?! oh my oh my, i hope i get it! her clothes are beautiful and she is a hilarious person. plus i am dying for some startup experience, since i hope to be an entrepreneur myself someday!!

and finally i just think this is a cute room. i like white, wood, and green together. very peaceful.

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