Sunday, June 15, 2008

a list of things

1. Started running again this morning, which feels good. I think it's finally time to commit to running this marathon in October. Luckily I still have enough weeks to do a normal training schedule, but I do need to raise money for a charity now that all open registrations are sold out.

2. Happy Father's Day, Dad.

3. I really like my new haircut a lot.

4. A weird time at church this morning. Maybe I'm beginning to see that it wasn't what God had planned for either of us after all, but I still can't fight the urge of wanting it to be part of the plan someday, or just having my friend back. Breaking up sucks. Trying to remember that a guy is only to enhance my experience of God, but that I should always be reliant on God for support and encouragement first.

5. I've spent a lot of money in the past couple days, so now it's savesavesave time. Ick, I don't like this whole not having income thing.

6. Going to Michigan for a couple days, well actually just shy of 48 hours. I have orientation for Whirlpool tomorrow, and then I'll be back in Chicago Tuesday-Friday to grade lots of cases, clean my apartment like there's no tomorrow, and to pack all my stuff for the summer. Then I'm headed to Philly for a few days, and then I'll drive my car back out to Michigan in time to start work next Tuesday. I'm intrigued, but am trying to get a bit more excited.

7. I guess that's about it, and anyway it's time to eat some lunch and pack in time to catch my train at 2. Hope everyone is doing well, and enjoying summer :)

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