Saturday, June 21, 2008

today is a great day

something about
-the fact that i ran 7 miles this morning, in an hour and 10 minutes
-driving my car with the windows down and listening to my favorite radio station 102.9
-sunny summer, and lots of green PA trees!!
that makes me feel more like myself than i have in a while, and i'm just happy to be here. yay life. yay summer. yay setting goals and sticking to them. i am so overflowing with joy this morning i could burst!!! now, time for a shower and then off to get an oil change and see about fixing my driver's side window that doesn't want to come back up...:)


Felipe Hopeful said...

Your blog seemed very interesting to you were happy this morning huh?...well, after running what do u want?'s endorphine!!....just kidding..don't even know what i'm talking about...anyway...if u want to share some ideas...I'm here...see ya!

Jess said...

Thanks Felipe! And yes, I'm definitely a believer in endorphines! Thanks for visiting my blog :)

Jess said...

woops, endorphins