Saturday, June 14, 2008

personal stylists

this is why i love computers. yesterday i received two emails about "personal stylists" from neiman marcus and anthropologie, where based on your browsing history they'll send you emails with the stylist's latest finds for you. basically a "you may also like" section, via email! the one from anthropologie works a bit different, in that a stylist at the store nearest you will actually pull the items for you to come in and look at. probably more people will use the one at neiman's, but the conversion rate once you actually get people in the stores would probably be higher at anthro. oh, i love marketing. someone pay me to come up with programs like this. (actually, last night i had a dream about gap installing little screens in their dressing rooms where you could scan in each item of clothing you were trying on, and then give feedback about what you liked/disliked, and whether you were going to buy the item...but then i thought this morning, what if you had a crapload of stuff to try on? then it'd be a little cumbersome to enter in all that info by maybe it could record what you thought out loud, and then you'd need a voice recognition software to turn that stuff all into words so you could categorize it and make reports people could actually use...hmm, what do you think? i'm really excited for the future. i can't wait to see what people will come up with to transform life as we know it! another random aside--as i was walking to class the other day i was thinking about crime and punishment and whether at some point we'll live in more of a "truman show" world where everything is recorded and we could use that information to incriminate the right people. would this lead to a loss of privacy? should privacy exist? i wonder...).

anyway, i thought the suggestions from neiman marcus were pretty darn cute, and i especially liked the last two.

the email i got from anthropologie:

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