Tuesday, June 10, 2008

hello high school: survey fun!

5 things i was doing 10 years ago:
one. going to 7th grade dances
two. gymnastics
three. getting ready to move to philadelphia
four. playing with michael, who was then 2
five. biking to meghan's house to play
5 things i was doing 5 years ago:
one. getting ready to graduate high school
two. working on the literary magazine and the yearbook
three. eating sweet tarts in mr. j's physics class
four. ditching physics class with laura to wander around and visit kim, our guidance counselor
five. the prom. i should pull my dress out sometime...
5 snacks i enjoy:
one. ritz crackers
two. trail mix
three. fruit roll-ups
four. emmenthaler cheese
five. GSB apples
5 things i did yesterday:
one. worked on competitive strategy paper
two. studied for stats final
three. took stats final
four. talked on the phone with laura
five. watched jon and kate plus 8

5 things on my list for today:
one. finish QVC paper
two. finish competitive strategy paper
three. read marketing case
four. housegroup
five. read for fun, hopefully.
5 jobs i've had:
one. merchandising intern at QVC
two. admin/intern at The Vanguard Group
three. researching market comps for multifamily housing and self storage companies
four. selling hole sponsorships for an annual golf tournament
five. writing center tutor
5 things i would do if i had a million dollars:
one. not take out a loan for next year
two. travel around the world: greece, australia, cophenhagen, peru, chile, grand canyon, china, thailand, egypt, ireland and niagara falls come to mind :)
three. give some money to wake, my church, habitat for humanity, and set up some sort of scholarship fund for kids to go to college
four. buy a fun condo when i move next year
five. save and invest!
5 tv shows i like:
one. LOST
two. house
three. the big bang theory
four. ugly betty
five. how i met your mother
5 things i don't like doing:
one. my first thought was raking leaves, but it's actually kind of fun in small doses
two. fighting
three. folding laundry
four. awkward conversations
five. ummmm

5 biggest joys of the moment:
one. phillips, craig and dean--undeniably carried me through yesterday
two. that i start my job at whirlpool soon
three. that i'm getting my hair cut on friday!
four. that i get to see meg, mel, and katie soon
five. that last night was cooler than it has been (A/C is out!)
i tag...you!

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