Thursday, May 15, 2008

apartment therapy

a fun site i came across that has a LOT of daily posts, which is nice since apparently i'm an internet stalker. i am always so disappointed when my friends don't update as often as i check their blogs...which is pretty often i guess hahaha. anyway, i really liked this person's organizational skills! i really wish i could pare down my shoe collection so it would fit nicely onto shelves like that, and i think that bed in the closet is the cutest thing! what a neat idea for a studio apartment. i never really enjoyed those divider things, or worse, a curtain that cuts off the living room and your bedroom. but i guess you need something! anyway, i really liked this idea, with a close second alternative being those fun wall shelves that are so popular at IKEA (which kind of look like the orange shelves in the third photo). neato! yes, i did just say neato. what can i algebra teacher in middle school once used the phrase "neato graphics," and ever since i've been hooked.

i really like the idea of creating a little nook (top right photo), especially if it were for reading purposes. reading for me is very private, and it would be cool to have a space that felt like that to read in. hmm...maybe that's why i read so much in my bed? ahh, i bet the comfort factor has something to do with it... :) also, i'm pretty in love with this fold up grill. what WILL they come up with next? ohmygosh that would be so handy to have if you had a really small apartment/patio! man, i love people being creative.

these last two, i mainly just liked the color combination in the first picture, and in the second, i really liked the seat cushion. ever since my egregious error in buying the most bland seat cushions i could find at IKEA, i've been especially attentive of much chic-er alternatives. ah well. they'll serve me well over the next year!!

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