Tuesday, May 27, 2008

art in the marketplace

smashing magazine did an article about the most innovative product designs recently, and then i'd come across several others recently that i wanted to share, so here it is, the most amazingly cool product designs of right this second!!!!!!!!

the DDM PC: yes, literally take apart pieces of the monitor and bring them with you as portable dvd players, PDAs, etc.

the resealable can: sure beats my old method of stuffing a cottonball in the mouthpiece. yeah, didn't quite work...

the wack mortorcyle by yamaha: yes, you too can be a superhero in your everyday life. imagine pulling up into the office parking lot in one of these babies!??

nokia bendable cell phone: molds to your ear, and can even be worn as a bracelet, or latch onto your backpack when not in use! ummmm awesome, much?

kwikset keyless fingerprint scan door lock: never have to carry keys again, and more importantly, never get locked out again! hooray!

patterned concrete: oh yes, you never thought it could look this good. ta-da!

swatch bracelet watch
: so cute! you can barely tell it's a watch from far away :) i actually haven't decided if i really like it or not, but it is quite innovative.

sony rolly mp3 player: reminds me of that little yellow dancing robot that colleen loves so much. waddles around and "dances" to the beat of your music--how precious!

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