Thursday, May 15, 2008

indoor garden

okay, so i've actually been thinking about this for a while, and then i saw on unruly things that someone has already done this! i think it would be so neat to have an indoor garden, instead of just random plants around the house/apartment. i have in mind a corner of our living room/kitchen area, where there's already a table but nothing really sits on it (except for a painting that fell off the wall that we haven't rehung yet...hmmm). anyway, i'm thinking of moving my bromeliad over there, and then getting some other little things to keep it company. it's funny, i would really like to paint and kind of take over the apartment right now, but i need to remember i have a roommate hahaha! i guess maybe i am getting to the point where i'm ready to live on my own after all. still, i want to keep this apartment for another year until i graduate, so i'll have to come up with creative ways to keep things looking new. but maybe i'll still broach the idea of an indoor garden with colleen...i bet she wouldn't totally hate it ;) hmm, we'll see...also, i thought this little garden along someone's house was so adorable! it's so tiny but well-maintained! and i really like the spiky desert plants!

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