Monday, May 12, 2008


I really love this dress by coley claire. I love the sleeves, and the scarf detail on the front, which gives a pop of color by your face. But in general I'm really loving high necked/collared dresses, with short hemlines these days.

I also like this striped one by ella moss. I actually can't remember how much this one costs, but as I look at it more on my desktop, I think i actually might get this one. It kind of reminds me of jeffrey from project runway's's kind of edgy, but not really. It's just cute and fun. And I'm always looking for fun summer dresses, since I wear them almost exclusively these days! (well, not so much this past week, since it's been rainy, cold, and windy, but before that I was wearing dresses every day...yay!!)

And finally, looks like Gap is jumping on the bandwagon for sporty fashion that's not sportsgear as well. Nike, take a hint!!

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