Monday, May 12, 2008

katie's visit

well, this past weekend katie visited me in chicago, and we had a great time! i was thrilled to see a familiar face again, and i really enjoyed seeing parts of the city i don't ordinarily get to (like lincoln park--too far north for everyday fun, at least while i'm living in hyde park). on friday katie went to the field museum and the shedd aquarium while i took two midterms and went to class, and then we went downtown for dinner at an italian place, and up to the 96th floor of the hancock building for pear martinis and tiramisu. yummm!!! katie and i both agreed we were big fans (we'd never had tiramisu before...well, i had had a berry one, but never the classic kind). we came home and started watching tv and chatting, and somehow we stayed up til 2 in the morning! yikes, so late! so we slept in a bit on saturday, then slowly got ready for the day. we went into the city, ended up eating at subway, then took another bus into lincoln park to go to the zoo and the conservatory. it was really fun!!! i had a great time, and got to see all my favorite animals and plants :) then we went back downtown and popped into nordstrom rack, where i got some black flats and a red jersey summer dress. still not sure if i'm going to keep the dress, since it has a small tear at the neck, but i haven't looked closely to see if i can fix it yet. so we'll see. it was $20 so i was pretty excited about that. mmm, then we went to heaven on seven, a cajun restaurant i'd been meaning to try. it was pretty tasty!! i also have a TON of leftovers, which i'll definitely enjoy for lunch and dinner this week!! so hooray for that. we came back to my apartment and watched p.s. i love you, which i really enjoyed, and actually shed a tear to, so i guess that's a good sign. really it's a beautiful love story. we made sure to go to bed early that night, since we had church the next morning, although not until 10. we didn't realize that it was going to be pouring rain with crazy wind outside, and even though we had our umbrellas we were still SOAKED by the time we walked a block and a half to church. oh well, everyone else looked pretty haggard too :) but yeah, the service was good, and there was a baptism of a girl who's graduating from the u of c this spring, so that was pretty cool. it's always encouraging to see someone proclaiming their faith to the whole church... :) well, after that we came home and just hung out and chatted until katie caught a taxi to the airport. but all in all a fun visit!!! i can't wait to see her again, plus all my other friends dispersed across the country. my heart is still with them all, and i'm looking forward to a day when we can all be together. anyway, here are some of the pictures we took on saturday!

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