Tuesday, May 20, 2008


so, i kind of like this idea for a staircase runner: a modern patterned rug. you usually only see solid colors, or oriental designs. but, this one is kind of growing on me. ideally i think i'd rather have just the plain wood, especially if they weren't the box stairs but rather just flat panels parallel to the floor, but maybe... hopefully i don't marry anyone with a very traditional design sense, because i just can't wait to have a modern house. well, some traditional pieces thrown in of course, but not the whole thing. hmm...we'll see. still a couple of years off worrying about that yet haha! also i really like these clear plastic and metal chairs from IKEA, with handmade seat cushions on them. i really do love the mix of metal and wood, and i think it'd be neat to not have a matchy matchy kitchen table and chairs. my grandparents have a fun setup at the lakehouse actually: a glass table with metal frame, then black leather dining chairs...that's kind of the direction i'd like to go in. and finally, i just like this whole-wall bookcase with the doorway in the middle. though, i have been thinking about why i hold on to books, and whether i really need to save them, or should just return them to the used bookstore and move on to the next. i think i may hold on to them for more prideful reasons than i'd like to admit, because i'm not really one to reread books all the time, and definitely other people could enjoy them if they weren't sitting on my bookshelf collecting dust. though colleen has been going through several of mine this quarter, so perhaps it's okay to hold on to them. hmmm...

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