Friday, May 23, 2008


Bunch of random things left on my desktop: first, a spread from Real Living magazine, which I only included because I love the black polka dots and all the yellow stuff! Actually, I'm pretty pleased with my red and orange and pink and gray bathroom, but I do like the yellow and gray and black color combination. Actually, after seeing the Winslow Homer exhibit at the Art Institute, I'm rather intrigued by color theory in general...maybe I'll look into studying that a bit more... Next, I really am a fan of formal gardens, and this little one was so cute outside off the kitchen :) I like the little seating area back there--so peaceful! And finally, just some bangles I thought were fun. They're very easy and go with everything.

In terms of the furniture, I really like this (hutch? server? I don't know what to call this shape!!). I'm really a fan of the shape in general, as well as the mix of different colors of wood. It works as an entryway piece, in the dining room, or even as a TV stand! I really should figure out what they're called--I love them! And then I liked this leafy organic shaped wood table. I think it'd be really fun to have a lot of modern lines and details, and then throw in a crazy shaped table (or whatever, you get the idea). I like those contrasts, and I do like both styles!

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