Thursday, May 08, 2008

Life List

After doing my Chicago list, I realized I should probably do the same exercise for my life in general. I'll omit the obvious things, like get married, have kids, have a fabulous job I enjoy, etc.

1. visit Australia: scuba dive with the sea turtles in the Great Barrier Reef, visit Sydney and Melbourne (for the shops I'm addicted to now, even halfway across the world!). I want to see the kangaroos and hold a koala bear. Maybe feed it some koala yummies.
2. hike the Incan Trail up to Machu Picchu
3. be on the Amazing Race/go on an around-the-world trip
4. spend a night on a pristine beach under the stars wrapped in the arms of the man I love--and probably also a warm blanket!
5. go back to Barcelona so I can eat at Hofmann again
6. visit the Grand Canyon
7. go skydiving
8. own something by Missoni
9. have my own little pug friend!
10. reenact the first Jim/Pam fake proposal
11. go to Napa for a few days and visit lots of wineries
12. explore San Francisco/the California coast
13. learn how to play the electric guitar
14. read the whole Bible
15. watch all of the top 100 imdb movies
16. see Alvin Ailey Dance Company perform Revelations
17. see Sleeping Beauty ballet

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