Thursday, May 15, 2008

the latest from design*sponge!!!

cool lamps, and fun chair!!!

i'm really into light wood these days, especially when it's paired with painted white. it's so fresh and clean looking. i really like this book shelf, and the idea of this table is really neat. i'm not sure what i would use it for, but it's really cool looking!!!

actually, this wood carving print might not be from design*sponge, but i can't remember. i really need to get a better system down for saving images. i liked someone else's actually, where they saved things as via , so maybe i'll start that. as a disclaimer, i'm really bad about attributing things to the right people, so please correct me when i've forgotten! but anyway, cool print...and this dresser, i can't tell if i actually like it or not, but i think it's interesting, so in it goes :)

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